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  • Knauf Insulation
  • Full-Time
  • Slovenia
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Additional Information

Job ID : #000031

Experience : 5-10+ years

Contract type : Full time

Location : Skofia Loka, Slovenia.

Key responsibilities

The Control Engineer will be introduced in the RMW software technology by the Engineering Manager for Automation. Goal is to learn the logic of control for a RMW line resp. plant. He will define together control packages, scopes, will be also responsible to manage and archive engineering and design documentation.

During implementation of new projects he will be a part of the commissioning team on site. He will bring the line to a positive site acceptance.

Principal duties and responsibilities : 

  • Deliver P&ID’s together with the Mechanical Technology Engineering Managers for the different processes in RMW 
  • Deliver functional descriptions together with the Mechanical Technology Engineering Managers for the different processes in RMW
  • Develop and define operational concepts.
  • Develop and define SCADA pictures.
  • Develop and define internal operation network.
  • Develop and maintain engineering standards and practices, which are already within the department, update guideline documents when needed
  • Deliver and verification of scope specifications / requirements with Technology Engineering Managers in order to lead the design of electrical systems and prevent scope / design changes 
  • Keep relationships with outside manufacturers and vendors in order to facilitate design and staying up to date with new technologiesValidate tendering and deliver bid comparisons for several scopes.
  • Validate intermediate and final as build documentation (software, operation manual)
  • Archive engineering and design information, drawings, software and related reference lists for each scope package.
  • Manage suppliers and their scope from automation point of view.
  • Supervise the commissioning of scope packages.
  • Support in problem solving of deficiencies.
  • Finally improve the control systems of the whole line over a certain period, means closing the gap between process and the logic of control.
  • Control of the sensitive equipment, being able to avoid a stop of the line. Act as trouble shooter in case of a line shutdown.
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Required skills

Essential Skills, qualifications and experience

Cooperation and communication

To perform the principal duties, the most frequently required contacts are with :

  • Engineering Manager for Automation CE
  • Technology Engineering Managers CE
  • Process engineers plant support 
  • External process engineer
  • Project Managers CE
  • Administrative assistants CE
  • Construction Manager CE
  • Commissioning Manager CE


Job qualifications

  • Education
    Bachelor in automation engineering
  • Languages
    English, French, German basics
  • Experience
    5-10 + years
  • Traveling
    Based in Skofia Loka, Slovenia
    During project preparation appr. 30% travelling time.
    During project installation percentage will increase, appr. 1-2 months 100% on site.


  • Must be able to work appropriately as an automation, be self-motivated and be able to work unsupervised as well.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and work as part of a team with engineering and Project managers; work within deadlines and adjust external resources as required. 
  • Having the ability to create and maintain a positive relationship 
  • Being organized in archiving documents (supported by different software tools)
  • To be assertive and have self-confidence in presenting and supporting conclusions, having communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be able to multi-task and prioritize work (different projects and technologies)
  • Having a good knowledge of computer software tools (Siemens Automation S7/1500, WINCC, AutoCAD, MS office, …) 
  • Ability to be a creative thinker; willingness to try new approaches.

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